Euroblog-Kongress: Das Potential von Blogs für die PR

EuroBlog organisierte zunächst eine Befragung zum Einsatz von Blogs in der PR – und jetzt einen Kongress in Stuttgart.
Philip Young von der University of Sunderland (UK) zog dort Schlüsse aus der Studie – dazu 2 Details:
1. „Perhaps surprisingly EuroBlog found that almost one in three (32pc) rated the potential ability to track conversations about their own products and services as the least important reason. Only 7.1 pc of those responding saw Communicating directly with stakeholders (bypassing journalists) as most important, with a further 14.5 saying very important.“
2. “It’s not the technology, but the lack of ideas and concepts that holds back the spread of weblogs within public relations. Communication managers need to think about application scenarios that support the bottom line. Our research offers frameworks and identifies best practices that help to find one’s way.”
Young ging auch auf ein 2006 erschienenes Buch ein: „Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers“ (von Robert Scoble and Shel Israel).
Sie unterscheiden drei Arten von Gesprächen:
„1. Monologue (lecture) – similar to two-way ASYMMETRIC model familiar from Grunig (podacsts come into this model)
2. Dialogue – where organisations engage in a two way relationship with individuals in way that has been greatly enhanced by the liberating and democratising influence of cheap and easy weblogs etc
3. Conversations – enhanced discourse between (interested) people surrounding the organisation, into which the organisation may or may not contribute/ intervene.“
Download der Präsentation von Philip Young
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